When I doubt,

I look for other

sources online

Are you uncertain about information you come across (online)? Not sure whether you should believe what you read, see, or hear? Start searching!

A variety of sources

Relying on a single source is often not enough to determine its accuracy. Look further, keep searching.

Look for reliable sources

One source may not cover whole story. Continue searching and compare information from various reliable sources to get a more complete picture.

Don’t stop at the first page of results

Go beyond the first (advertising) pages on Google or other search engines.

Neutral? Or rather commercial?

Check who originally shared the content and consider why they are sharing that specific information online. Maybe the information aims to persuade you or encourage a purchase rather than providing accurate details?

Use our tips

Unsure how to search effectively on the internet? These tips can help you find the origins of news.

Keep in mind that searching for (correct) information is a process with ups and downs, and it doesn’t always come naturally. It can be stressful and sometimes even lead to more confusion. This is entirely normal!

Still not satisfied with the answer? Feel free to take your time, discuss or talk about it with someone, or ask an expert.