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I sometimes doubt what I read, see, or hear because…

  • I read and hear many opinions on the internet, but not all of them are covered in ‘the news’.
  • I discover mistakes in official news articles from time to time.
  • It seems like sensational news is the only thing covered or stories seem exaggerated.
  • There is far too little attention in the news for the issues that keep me awake at night.
  • It appears that the same experts always get featured, and they are the ones allowed to share their opinions.
  • It seems like there’s only negative or bad news about certain groups (young people, the elderly, migrants…)
  • There is an abundance of information available. I no longer know what to read due to the overwhelming volume of content.
  • What I read doesn’t align with my worldview or beliefs.
  • People sometimes spread fake news, and I don’t know how to verify what’s true and what’s not.

The Internet can be an interesting complement to regular news.

It’s true. Not all news or every opinion can be covered in newspapers, news broadcasts, or analysis programs.  And certainly, journalists and news media sometimes miss parts of a story or make mistakes

That’s why the internet can be an interesting complement to regular news.  But there is so much information available out there, that it’s not easy to determine what information is true or reliable and what isn’t. And that’s when you start to doubt…

Thankfully, there are some practical tips to add more certainty to your doubts! 

4 Tips to Bring More Certainty to Your Doubt