When I doubt,

I take time

to reflect

Are you uncertain about information you come across (online)? Not sure whether you should believe what you read, see, or hear? Let it sink in for a moment.

Wait for emotions to pass

Sensational, heavy, or negative news can sometimes have a strong impact. It makes it sometimes difficult to distinguish between facts and emotions. Remember that you don’t have to form an immediate opinion on everything.

Any doubts? Don’t share!

Does a message (online) makes you anxious, angry, or even happy, and you’re tempted to share it immediately with your surroundings? Take your time to verify the accuracy of the message, before spreading it.

Gather information before giving your opinion

Sometimes people might ask for your opinion or response. However, you don’t need to know everything right away. Take your time to do your own research and fact-check certain things.

Try to verify

Take your time to double-check a message. Press agency AFP explains you what search methods you can use.

A thought or opinion can be formed quickly. It’s not always easy to take your time before responding to something. Take a deep breath and consider what you want to know.

Still not satisfied with the answer? Dare to search, discuss or talk about it with someone or ask an expert.