When I doubt,

I talk to

someone I trust

Are you uncertain about information you come across (online)? Not sure whether you should believe what you read, see, or hear? Discuss it with others!

Discuss it with those close to you

If you’re not sure where to find answers to all your questions right away, talk to someone in your close circle (friends, work, hobbies, etc.) and preferably explore for answers together.

Look for different opinions

Does it seem like everyone in your social circle thinks the same way? While the  media suggests otherwise? Engage with people who have different opinions to understand the whole story.

Stay open

Overcoming doubt doesn’t mean leaving your viewpoint as the only one. Remain open to other perspectives.

Dialogue rather than debate

Don’t seek for discussion, seek for conversation. Try to listen to each other and seek understanding, rather than trying to convince.

Sometimes, a conversation with someone else can help you express your thoughts and doubts or find better and more reliable information and answers.

Still not satisfied with the answer? Dare to search, take your time or ask an expert.